There are plenty of fabrics available to choose from for various types of product. Whilst I do like to keep a variety in stock, I’m always happy to try and source certain fabrics if you have something particular in mind – please get in touch.

If you have a preference for the colour of coordinating fabrics/trims/linings/backings to go with the main outer fabric, please let me know when ordering, as I am always happy to work with preferences as long as I know about them before I start making. Equally, if you are particularly keen on a certain pattern placement (e.g. identical colour stripes on each shoe in a pair; all components of a pattern repeat somewhere on an item), please tell me this at the point of ordering and I will endeavour to do my best within the limits of the fabric and the size of the item.

Woven cottons

Please CLICK HERE to view current in stock woven cottons.

These are suitable for many products, including boots, menstrual pads, bags etc.

Wrap scraps

These are suitable for most products, including boots, slippers, nappies, nappy wraps, bags etc. I have a small collection of wrap scraps in stock, though not all pieces are the right size for every product. I am happy to try and source others, or you can source your own and send them to me to work with. Please get in touch to discuss availability.

Velours – bamboo rayon and cotton

Please CLICK HERE to view current in stock velours. Please note that colours are displayed differently on different screens and devices.

These are suitable for menstrual pads (topper fabric), washable wipes and inside nappies (hybrid fitted and all-in-two). They have a short pile and feel soft to touch. Please ask if you would like to see a picture of a plain colour next to a patterned fabric to see if they coordinate.

PUL (polyester with laminate backing)

Please CLICK HERE to view current in stock PULs.

PUL has a laminate layer on the back, which makes it waterproof. It is suitable for making nappies, nappy wraps and boots which keep little feet dry in the sling or buggy in the rain (they’re not fully submersible like wellies as the seams aren’t sealed).


Please CLICK HERE to view current in stock fleeces.

These fabrics are all polar fleece – 100% polyester. These can be used for fleece soakers/longies as well as nappies, nappy wraps, boots and slippers.