Babywearing accessories

The prices stated here are applicable to fabrics that are currently in stock. Please get in touch about custom fabric requests.


Winter hats with ear flaps

These snuggly hats look cute as well as being very practical, with their ear flaps and sheepy fleece lining, they keep little heads, necks and ears toasty in cold weather. The chin strap with adjustable Velcro fastening helps to keep the hat on, or it can be made without the strap. PUL is a waterproof fabric and if used as the outer layer it makes the hat rain proof. Polar fleece lining is also available for 50p less per size.

  • 0-3m (head circumference 14″) – £13 cotton, £14 PUL
  • 3-6m (head circumference 15″) – £13 cotton, £14 PUL
  • 6-12m (head circumference 18″) – £14 cotton, £15 PUL
  • 1-3 years (head circumference 19″) – £14 cotton, £15 PUL
  • 3-10 years (head circumference 20″) – £15 cotton, £16 PUL
  • Child XL (head circumference 21″) – £15 cotton, £16 PUL
Summer bucket hats 

These fun hats look cute as well as being very practical, with their wide brim and cotton lining, they keep little heads cool and shaded from the sun. The chin strap with adjustable Velcro fastening helps to keep the hat on, or it can be made without the strap. PUL is a waterproof fabric and if used as the outer layer it makes the hat rain proof – because you never can tell what the weather will do in British summer time!

  • newborn (head circumference 14″) – £13 cotton, £14 PUL
  • 0-6m (head circumference 16″) – £13 cotton, £14 PUL
  • 6-12m (head circumference 18″) – £14 cotton, £15 PUL
  • 1-3 years (head circumference 19″) – £14 cotton, £15 PUL
  • 3-10 years (head circumference 20″) – £15 cotton, £16 PUL
  • Child XL (head circumference 21″) – £15 cotton, £16 PUL

Suck pads – also known as sucky pads, drool pads, dribble pads

These are absorbent pads that snap around the straps of a carrier or wrap. They protect the carrier/wrap from dribble and chewing, meaning the sling itself needs washing less often and won’t get teeth marks. The top layer is made from cotton or wrap scrap, to match or coordinate with the carrier; the backing is a layer of plush or fleece (“stay dry” fabrics); and inside is a layer of terry or smooth cotton for extra absorbency. These pads can be made for various soft structured carriers (SSCs) including Tula, Integra, Ergo, Beco & more. I use fabrics from companies that have made available their certificates to show that there are no harmful substances in the dyes.


Straight/square – protect just the straps
  • Plain cotton – £10.50
  • Patterned cotton – £12
Round the corner – protect the straps and the top of the panel
  • Plain cotton – £13
  • Patterned cotton – £14.50

Ribbons and frills are not standard but are available on request.

Storage bags

These are designed to protect the sling when not in use, and make it easier to carry when it’s not doing the carrying. They come in various styles.

Roll up bags
  • Baby/standard sized – £14
  • Toddler sized – £16
Tote bags
  • Cotton lined – £20
  • PUL lined (waterproof) – £23
Draw string bags
  • Cotton lined – £15
  • PUL lined (waterproof) – £18


Babywearing Bags – £48

This is a large bag – in the example photo you can see it comfortably fits a large wet bag holding a couple of cloth nappies, wipes and a change of clothes, a water bottle, toddler cup, lunch box, purse, phone and keys. Please note that these items are not included in the bag, they are for display purposes only. The dimensions are as follows:

bw bag for website

14” / 35.5cm tall, 13” / 33cm wide, 6” / 15cm deep

Not only does the bag hold plenty of items, it also features pockets to help keep everything organised so you can more easily find what you’re looking for when rooting around. There are two slip pockets (one internal and one external), and one zipped pocket (internal) for items such as a phone or keys.

The strap is adjustable with a tie handle, meaning it can extend to approximately 47“ / 120cm when tied at its longest, and much shorter when tied down at the base of the straps. The bag has a flap to bring both sides together at the top, and this fastens with a KAM snap.

The bag is made from 100% cotton fabrics: hardwearing canvas for the sides, base and straps; printed lighter weight cotton for the front and back panels; and plain lining cotton for the inside. I can custom make bags like these using various colours and designs of cotton – please see here for in-stock cotton prints.

All prices do not include postage – please see postage charges