Potty learning pants

Here at Purple Lane, we love practical and fun pants that are designed to for little ones who are learning to use the potty.

These are deliberately not as absorbent as a (cloth) nappy, unlike disposable ‘pull ups’ which contain just as much wetness as a disposable nappy, which doesn’t particularly help in the learning process. The idea is that these pants help contain a small accident if the potty can’t be reached in time, but are otherwise just like big kids’ pants to wear.

When I was doing potty training with my eldest boy, we found that normal pants were fine around the house, but it was good to have the back up of more absorbent pants if out and about, in the car or somewhere where a trickle on the floor would be awkward. I came up with these training pants based on features that I found useful for us:


  • Pulls up like pants, little ones can do it themselves.
  • Side snaps allow easier, less messy access for the grown up in case of an accident.
  • Elasticated waist and legs, plus adjustable size via the side snaps, mean they fit a large range of sizes, in case potty learning takes a while with one child, and they can be used with multiple children of different sizes.
  • Lined with terry cotton, which feels wet next to the skin, helping them to realise when they’ve done a wee in them.
  • Extra layer of bamboo fleece sewn into the wet zone, enough to hold a small accident (not a full large toddler wee).
  • Outer made of PUL, which keeps wetness in like a nappy – available in bright block colours or fun prints that toddlers and preschoolers will love. I have more designs and colours available to order than what is currently in stock: please get in touch for a custom order.
  • Pocket opens at back of pants, which allows you to insert extra absorbency if required (I sell nappy boosters separately, or it fits other standard sized nappy boosters) – this can be useful at nap time, for example.

The measurements are as follows:

  • Waist: 34 cm — 62 cm
  • Legs: 22 cm — 38 cm

This should fit most average sized children between about 15 months and 5 years (the rise will come higher up, like a nappy, on shorter children and lower, like brief style pants, on taller children). If you think that your child falls below or above this size range, please get in touch and I can make a custom size.

Prices per pair are as follows:

  • Plain block colour PUL – £12
  • Patterned PUL or patterned elastic – £13
  • Patterned cotton or plush with PUL lining – £14
All prices do not include postage – please see postage charges