Reusable wipes & breast pads

SDPL wipes and breast pads are made from small pieces of fabric left over from bigger items, helping to keep raw material wastage low. The prices stated here are applicable to fabrics that are currently in stock. Please get in touch about custom fabric requests.

Reusable wipes

Why use single use wipes when reusable ones save you so much money and don’t create waste for landfill. We use just water on our reusable wipes, or you can make our own natural wipes solution, avoiding the chemicals that are in single use wipes. You don’t even need to use reusable nappies too, though if you are, it makes sense to use reusable wipes too.


SDPL wipes have cotton terry on one side and a choice of cotton, plush, velour or fleece on the other side. The terry cotton is “grippy” and therefore much more effective at cleaning a dirty bottom than disposable wipes, and the smooth/soft side is perfect for just freshening a wet bottom.

Each bundle includes wipes of various sizes – I find this useful because sometimes you just need a small wipe, other times it’s better to have a bigger one. Reusable wipes can also be used for cleaning faces and hands, though I recommend having a different set from those used to clean bottoms.

Bundle price – 50p per wipe plus £2, for example:
  • Bundle of 8 – £6
  • Bundle of 12 – £8
  • Bundle of 25 – £14.50

Reusable breast pads

These breast/nursing pads are gorgeously soft and absorb any excess milk that may leak before or after breastfeeding/nursing, helping to prevent awkward leaks through to your clothing.

Each pad comprises 3 absorbent layers – 1 x silky soft bamboo velour, 2 x heavy bamboo fleece; and 1 layer of patterned cotton (woven or jersey) or PUL. The cotton topped pads can also feature a hidden layer of (waterproof) PUL for extra leakage protection. Pads without PUL can be worn with either the bamboo velour or the cotton next to the skin, whereas pads with PUL should be worn with the velour side next to the skin, since the waterproof layer would stop milk getting through to the absorbent bamboo layers underneath.

4″ or 10cm diameter – £4 per pair
5″ or 13cm diameter – £4.50 per pair
All prices do not include postage – please see postage charges