Washable wipes & wet bags

Here at Purple Lane, we love reusable accessories that go along side cloth nappies. Washable wipes and wet bags are worth having if you use cloth nappies. Wet bags lined with food grade PUL can instead be used as snack bags.

Prices say ‘from’ because the exact price will depend on the fabric used; the starting price is applicable to in-stock cotton fabrics.

Washable wipes

Why use disposable wipes when washable ones save you so much money and don’t create waste for landfill. We use just water on our washable wipes, or you can make our own natural wipes solution, avoiding the chemicals that are in disposable wipes. You don’t even need to use cloth nappies too, though if you are, it makes sense to use washable wipes too.


SDPL wipes have cotton terry on one side and a choice of cotton, plush, velour or fleece on the other side. The terry cotton is “grippy” and therefore much more effective at cleaning a dirty bottom than disposable wipes, and the smooth/soft side is perfect for just freshening a wet bottom.

Each bundle includes wipes of various sizes – I find this useful because sometimes you just need a small wipe, other times it’s better to have a bigger one. Washable wipes can also be used for cleaning faces and hands, though I recommend having a different set from those used to clean bottoms.


  • Set of 8 – £6
  • Set of 12 – £8
  • Set of 25 – £13

Wet bags / snack bags

These are waterproof bags which are useful for storing wet items such as nappies, wipes and CSP. They are lined with a waterproof fabric called PUL and the seams are heat sealed to prevent leaks. When lined with food grade PUL, these can instead be used as reusable snack bags. Each bag has a quality YKK zip closure.

These are available in various sizes from small purse size ones to fit one CSP or a handful of raisins to extra large ones that fit several nappies. The measurements given in each size category are an average as a guide, exact sizes can be varied to order. Single bags have one waterproof compartment, double bags have two separate waterproof compartments.

wet bagsSmall (approx. 12x16cm)

Great for a couple of CSP, a few wipes or some fruit

  • Single – from £6
  • Double – from £9
Medium (approx. 20x24cm)

Great for CSP, wipes, one nappy or a sandwich

  • Single – from £10
  • Double – from £14
Large (approx. 30x40cm)

Great for a few nappies

  • Single – from £14
  • Double – from £20
Extra large (approx 35x50cm)

Great for several nappies or as sling storage

  • Single – from £17
  • Double – from £24
All prices do not include postage – please see postage charges